Extremely tough – Soliwood® tests

As we all know, numbers say more than words. Therefore, we carried out a load test series of our Soliwood® seating shells together with the Laboratory for Material Testing at the Coburg Institute of Technology.

The result: our Soliwood® products can take a beating! When the seating shells were subjected to pressure, they withstood a load of at least 150 kg on the average. For the daily loading of the seating shells, however, the second measured value is much more important: when the seating shells were stretched, the Soliwood moulded parts were able to withstand an average load of 250 kg. The results show that our products have a high elasticity and load capacity and that they can undergo the tests with significantly higher values than plywood moulded parts. So you comfortably take a seat.

Pictures of the breaking load test