Following are the patterns and real-wood surfaces that are currently most popular. As a rule, the entire range of the available patterns is available after a technical inspection has been made.

Pattern variations -click to enlarge-

Soliwood® Dekor Buche hell B 100
Soliwood® Dekor Buche hell H1916
Soliwood® Dekor Buche hell N842
Soliwood® Dekor Buche hell R5176
Soliwood® Dekor Eiche H1394
Soliwood® Dekor Kirsche 1639
Soliwood® Dekor unigrau U009

Real-wood surfaces -click to enlarge-

soliwood® mittelbraun mbr
soliwood® dunkelbraun dbr
soliwood® schwarz sw
Soliwood® Dekor Beize grau

Material and processing details

Soliwood products have an antiskid surface that is pressed on during manufacture and is therefore permanent. The visual appearance of the surface structure varies depending on the product and the customer’s wishes.

Details; antiskid surface -click to enlarge-

Patterns & Details