„Versa M“ seat set

The two-part "Versa M" seat set has been designed for robust everyday use and resists high levels of strain, while the sitting comfort remains at the same high level. Naturally “solid by nature”, like all soliwood products.

Pattern variations

abraxa Sitzgarnitur „Versa M“ (Modell-Nr. 6113, Dekor Buche hell H1916)
abraxa Sitzgarnitur „Versa M“ (Modell-Nr. 6113, Dekor Eiche H1394)

This product is also available with other soliwood® surfaces and patterns after a technical inspection has been made.

Sitzfläche | seat
Modell | Model Breite (mm) | Width (mms) Tiefe (mm) | Depth (mms)
6XXX 381 410
Lehne | back
Modell | Model Breite (mm) | Width (mms) Höhe (mm) | Height (mms)
6XXX 428 220