„Delta“ seat set

The Delta seat set is characterised by its matte surface, resulting in comfortable haptics that usually can be found only in natural wood surfaces. Your company logo can be stamped in on the rear side!

Robust and unbreakable, "solid by nature", like all soliwood products. Delta is available in natural medium brown, dark brown and black, as well as in many pattern variations.

Pattern variations

abraxa Sitzgarnitur „Delta“ (Modell-Nr. 6018, Dekor Buche hell H1916)
abraxa Sitzgarnitur „Delta“ (Modell-Nr. 6018, Dekor Eiche H1394)

This product is also available with other soliwood® surfaces and patterns after a technical inspection has been made.

Sitzfläche | seat
Modell | Model Breite (mm) | Width (mms) Tiefe (mm) | Depth (mms)
6XXX 392 396
Lehne | back
Modell | Model Breite (mm) | Width (mms) Höhe (mm) | Height (mms)
6XXX 398 220