Decor snow shovel "Fortis" – ideal as promotional product with a logo of your choice

“Fortis” decor snow shovel is made from soliwood, solid by nature ®. It contains 12 (!) layers resin impregnated, 0,65 mm thin beech veneer which are pressed under high temperature (140°C) and extremely high pressure (800 to). The décor layer is also laminated and pressed together with the package of veneer and is irremovable.

The result is a nearly homogeny, extremely hard and resistant material. The front edge of the snow pusher will stay hard like the first day and does not need any metal edge!!! Wetness, salt and abrasion have no effects on the snow shovel. The high degree of robustness stands every comparison with other shovels made from plastic, plywood or metal.

We sell around 60.000 snow pusher (without décor) every winter season to well known tool retailers.

Mostly professionals like winter services, municipalities and caretakers are working with our product.

Share your ideas with us. We realize your own design. Everything is possible: pictures, graphics, colors, logos …


This product is also available in other Soliwood surfaces and decors - subject to technical examination.

snow shovel | Schneeschieber
model | Modell size (mms) | Größe (mm)
6302 550 × 350